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 AquaProbe Insertion Flowmeter

ABB AquaMaster 3 transmitter

The NEW AquaMaster 3 provides economic and reliable water measurement, saving every drop of energy and cost naturally!

AquaMaster 3 is a powerful development of the AquaMaster Explorer transmitter. The specification, features and benefits are All the direct result of ABB’s worldwide experience in the water  industry and are all targeted at resolving environmental and  industry-specific requirements.

Product applications

Quite simply, AquaMaster 3 provides world-class, industry specific performance across a range of key measurement indicators, designed to protect our most valuable resource and your billing potential.

  • Revenue (billing) applications
  • leakage management
  • District metered areas (DMAs)
  • Clean water application
  • Abstraction
  • Water distribution
  • Water network management
  • Irrigation
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