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(not edited) AquaProbe Insertion Flowmeter

AquaProbe insertion flowmeter

AquaMaster  transmitter FEA200 for clean water measurement, the new AquaProbe can now also be used with the ABB WaterMaster transmitter FEA100, opening up a raft of new possibilities in clean water applications. AquaProbe can be fitted without interrupting the normal water supply with its ‘hot tap’ capability. This presents the AquaProbe as a flexible, reliable and highly accurate solution for both temporary and permanent installations.


Key features and benefits include:

  • Choice of PROFIBUS DP or HART 4…20mA
    communication protocols
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP), enabling
    reliable and accurate real-time measurements
  • Self-calibrating transmitter offering high stability
    and repeatability
  • OIML-type continuous self-checking, with alarms, help
    maintain sensor and transmitter accuracy
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics compliant with
    NAMUR NE107
  • Advanced infrared service port, supporting remote HMI,
    HART, cyclic data out and parameter dump


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