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WaterMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter

WaterMaster electromagnetic flowmeter

WaterMaster delivers speed, simplicity and ease of use at every stage of the product’s lifecycle. In fact, WaterMaster doesn’t just plug the gaps left by competitive products, it is simply the best flow metering solution available today

Superior control through advanced sensor design

Innovative octagonal sensor design improves flow profile and reduces up and down stream piping requirements for the most commonly installed sizes: 40 to 200 mm (1½ – 8”). Flowmeters with traditional sensor designs remain available to over two meters in size. Using a higher excitation frequency combined with advanced filtering, WaterMaster improves measurement accuracy by reducing fluid and electrode noise.

Submersible and buriable installation options

All WaterMaster sensors have a rugged, robust construction to ensure a long, maintenance-free life under arduous conditions experienced in the water and waste water  industries. The sensors are, as standard, inherently submersible (IP68, NEMA 6P), thus ensuring suitability for installation in chambers and metering pits which are liable to flooding. A unique feature of the WaterMaster sensors is that sizes DN40 to DN2200 are buriable; installation merely involves excavating to the underground pipe, fitting the sensor, cabling to the transmitter and then backfilling the hole.

Improved performance through Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) gives improved performance and enables real time measurements for maximum reliability.

DSP allows the transmitter to separate the real signal from the noise, thereby providing high quality outputs especially in harsh environments involving vibration, hydraulic noise and temperature fluctuation.

Intuitive navigation and configuration

The user-friendly interface allows fast and simple data entry for all parameters. ‘Easy Set-up’ guides the operator step by step through the menu to set parameters as quickly as possible to simplify the commissioning phase.

Speed, ease and security in the field

‘Fit and Flow’ data storage inside WaterMaster eliminates the need to match sensor and transmitter in the field. On initial installation, the self-configuration sequence automatically replicates into the transmitter all calibration factors, meter size and serial numbers, as well as customer site-specific settings, eliminating the opportunity for errors and leads to increased speed of start-up.

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