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Mass Flow Measurement

Mass Flow Measurement

The specialists for direct mass measurement of fluids and gases

  • Measurement independent of density, temperature, viscosity, pressure and conductivity
  • High precision calibration
  • Versatile EX design
  • Comprehensive approvals
  • Wide range of communications offerings

Measuring fluids with Coriolis Master

The Coriolis mass flowmeter is especially suited to measuring fluids. Its large spectrum of meter sizes allows measurement from drops to the contents  of tankships. The Coriolis flowmeter provides more than pure flow measurement. By measuring the resonant frequency to a tenth of a Hertz, the density of the medium can also be determined.

The unique pipe geometry minimizes the effects of gas content, changing environmental factors or vibration, and the meter provides unparalleled  accuracy and stability. Different accuracy classes in a single device with identical installation depth and common electronics for all sensor models further ensure that the CoriolisMaster series has maximum flexibility. Based on the highly accurate density measurement, parameters such as concentrations, net-oil content in water-oil mixtures or constant values (e.g., Brix or PLATO) can be calculated with the optional special software Densimass.

Multi variability and precision Easy to install in all angles and positions No expendable parts – sturdy design Bursting pressure up to 1,200 bar Approvals: ATEX, FM, CSA, GOST, NEPSI, NACE, EHEDG, type-tested to meet NAMUR Communication: HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus SIL assessed.

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