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Compact Orifice Flowmeter

Integrated DP flow measurement system, pressure tested as an assembly

— combines primary element with DP transmitter in a single flowmeter assembly

Mass flow version with optional, integral temperature element

— integral multivariable transmitter and RTD for direct reading of mass (liquids and steam) and corrected volume (gas) flowrates in a single unit

Plugged impulse line detection

— detects partial or complete blockage of DP connections
— provides warnings visually and via outputs

Integral impulse connections

— no impulse piping installation required
— provides repeatable DP connection across installation locations

Reduced installation costs

— only one piece to install
— eliminates need to supply and connect separate manifold, transmitter and impulse piping

Easy to specify and maintain

— single ordering code covers complete flowmeter
— only two orifice ratios for simple specification process
— optional replaceable orifice plates offer easy, economic maintenance and flexibility for changing process conditions

New ‘through-the-glass’ (TTG) keypad technology

— enables quick and easy local configuration without the need to open the cover – even in hazardous areas

Factory acceptance report

— supplied with report detailing results of critical inspection checks, plus certification data

OriMaster – the one-piece DP flowmeter

OriMaster is a stand-alone orifice-based flowmeter with a difference – its advanced design greatly simplifies installation and commissioning.

OriMaster incorporates the following features:
— A wafer-bodied orifice carrier assembly with integral square-edged, concentric plate and corner tapping points
— Integral 3-valve manifold (optional 5-valve manifold available)
— Integral direct connections between the carrier tappings and manifold
— DP transmitter, factory-mounted onto the manifold and pre-configured for the application
— Fully leak-tested and configured

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