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ControlMaster Universal Process Controllers

Whether you’re a plant or process manager, electrical engineer, process operator or maintenance engineer, the future of process control instrumentation starts here. ABB’s new ControlMaster range elevates process monitoring and control to an altogether higher level. ABB has used its experience in controllers and indicators to create a new generation of process control instruments that are more intuitive, easier to operate and significantly more powerful in use.

Innovative, easy to use HMI

Each ControlMaster has an innovative HMI at the heart of its operation, providing a common link with other instrumentation products from ABB. So, if you know one, you know them all. Operation is so easy that you will be impressed by the efficiency of it all.

Advanced controls and functionality

On each of the 4 new ControlMaster instruments, higher levels of functionality are right at your finger tips. Features packed in include math, totalization and a frequency input, logic, gain scheduling, split output, valve control and real time alarms.

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