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Aztec600 Colorimetric Analyzer

The Aztec 600 series online monitors provide continuous automatic measurement, with up to six readings per hour. This provides several key advantages over manual testing methods, namely:

  • Samples are automatically extracted and analyzed at regular intervals at the point of extraction. With manual methods, time lost between extraction of the sample and subsequent testing often affects the value of the end result obtained.
  • Provides real-time indication of current process conditions. In contrast, manual testing methods only provide results for the moment in time when the test is actually made.
  • there is no way of knowing what is currently happening in the process.
  • Access to real-time information allows immediate action to be taken in the event of an issue.

Why does water quality need to be measured?

The high standard to which potable water is treated has in turn led to high expectations of its quality and appearance amongst consumers. Potable water, particularly for drinking, is expected to look, smell and taste a particular way, any departure from these expected standards can lead to dissatisfaction and complaints by consumers. Evidence of this can be seen in the annual drinking water quality reports produced by the UK’s water companies, for example, where complaints relating to such issues are noted as part of their overall performance assessments.

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