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  • 49-inch (1.25m) range. Compact sensor with 2˝ dead band and beam width are optimized for small tank applications
  • 1˝ NPT mounting
  • Reliable, non-contact alternative to float and conductivity level sensors for corrosive, sticky or dirty media
  • Outputs continuous level and provides full pump or valve control
  • PVDF transducer for corrosive liquid media

The UCL-510 is a general purpose ultrasonic sensor providing non-contact level detection up to 49.2˝ (1.25m), with 4 relays for switch or control functions and continuous level measurement. This compact unit offers a non-contact alternative to our float or conductance sensors in small tank chemical feed or handling applications when corrosive, sticky or dirty media is involved.

The configuration software, supplied with the sensor, provides flexible system integration or retrofit of existing level devices with configuration control. Integral level automation functions can further reduce system costs through the reduction of external control hardware. The analog output enables local tank level indication, remote PLC monitoring or automation fuctions. Gems UCL-510 is the non-contact solution for small tank level switch, control and measurement.

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