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XL70 Remote Monitoring System-1

• Fastest remote monitoring system available
• Programmable dial-out phone numbers
• Communicates in data, voice, and fax modes
• Audible & visual alarm capabilities
• Compatible with a wide range of sensors

Messenger XL-70

Say goodbye to unnecessary delivery runs, wasteful haul-backs, and splitloads. With the XL-70, you can minimize customer inventory, reduce lead-time, and eliminate costly run-outs. Featuring a convenient LCD display and keypad, the XL-70 is the most effective telemetry system available. It’s also the most powerful — a remote monitor, an auto-dialer, a communications engine, a status reporter,  a programmable controller, a data logger — and more. Housed in a compact NEMA-4X weatherproof casing, the XL-70 can be used wherever it’s needed — indoors or outdoors, no matter how damp or dusty the environment.

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